10.09.2020 — 13.09.2020

Gridchinhall was represented at three stands. The main stand, C9, displayed paintings by Katya Rozhkova and sculptures by Valery Pchelin; stand A5 in the “Editions” section was completely dedicated to the sculptures of Valentin Korzhov; and 3 new graphic works by Aleksandr Dashevsky occupied part of the “Created in Moscow” section, curated by Aleksey Maslyayev and put together by the fair with help from the Moscow Government’s Department of Entrepreneurship. Three locations at the fair is a sound strategy: we can recommend visitors to one stand to stop by a second, and from there move on to the third. Gridchinhall becomes the dotted line visitors can follow during their travels through Cosmoscow.

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04.02.2020 — 05.04.2020

Painting, like any other art, is a creative tool for the artist. The plastic, spatial form is the same type of tool, but requires from the viewer movement around the exhibit in addition to contemplation. In a language not always understandable to the observer, the artist tells us abouthis or her worldview, emotional experiences, and…

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DETOMON. Stories in pictures

13.11.2019 — 01.02.2020

«If I need to draw with a stick in the water during a project, then I will have to change my style and draw with the stick in the water», Vladimir Grig says. The artist made being culturally omnivorous his fundamental practice. He talks about issues that are relevant and essential for him in the…

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31.07.2019 — 10.10.2019

In the era of the digital revolution, the theme of corporeality has acquired particular relevance. The more time people spend online, the more preoccupied they are with their body: they go on diets, have plastic surgery, and fight aging. We are looking for new answers to an eternal question: how does the body influence perception…

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23.03.2019 — 16.04.2019

The skeleton of a yurt overgrown with bushes, a concrete mausoleum crowned with a crescent moon, tin buckets filled with snow and stone snowmen… Gridchinhall brings the Kirghiz steppe and Moscow countryside fields to the urban Cube Space, juxtaposing landscapes showered in silver graphite dust with cold monuments meant to last forever, the viscous strokes of a gray slate pencil with the slippery face of granite, and rough canvas surfaces with the sugary graininess of marble. Despite these obvious differences, the works by Katerina Kovaleva and Yekaterina Rozhkova exhibit a concordant contemplation of the fluidity of existence, of the relativity of the concepts of ephemerality and eternity.

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17.09.2016 — 12.10.2016

Irina Drozd’s exhibition at the Gridchinhall Gallery is dedicated to the perception of old age. In her project “I don’t want to get old”, the artist investigates how the enjoyment of youth is replaced by fear of the inexorable flow of time. She attempts to make sense of society’s worship of youth and the fear…

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Анастасия Русса


09.07.2016 — 28.07.2016

What became of the ancient gods? Possibly one of their manifestations today can be found in contemporary toys, the ones that represent figures with supernatural powers, or distorted features, as Anastasia’s artist-statement has suggested? Toys are the new incarnation of the heathen idols from the pantheons of various nations. We can look at them in…

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26.05.2016 — 26.06.2016

In the halls of the New Academy in 1993, Oleg Maslov and Viktor Kuznetsov, working in creative tandem, created the first major Neo-Academistic cycle of large “Blue Lagoon” canvasses, eight of which – having travelled to the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Italy, and Hungary – are currently being exhibited in Gridchinhall. The paintings are…

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26.03.2016 — 15.05.2016

Three years after “The Last Exhibition” at Gridchinhall, Anya Zholud is putting on an equally large-scale exhibition with the intriguing title of “Worse Than Nothing.” Zholud’s new project comprises a significant and, at first glance, very diverse collection of objects and pictures created between 2006 and 2016. Anya Zholud: From childhood I wanted to be…

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