Liliya Lifanova. I am a modern nomad

22.01.2012 — 04.03.2012

We are pleased to present Liliya Lifanova: PHASE I, II, III, the first solo exhibition in a collobarative project at the Gridchinhall in Russia. The exhibition will feature new works in an ongoing site specific installation, which were created at the Gridchinhall. Lifanova arrived in Moscow through the Fulbright Program and intends to debut the…

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18.12.2011 — 04.03.2011

Nikita Alexeev’s new project develops and condenses that special atmosphere effect inherent in artwork on paper: texts, graphic series, and installations are divided here into twenty separate sections – chapels. The artist says that these slight and unobtrusive aesthetics were inspired by the architectural style of Gridchinhall, with its constructivist inclination to simple achromatic materials,…

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Vika Begalskaya. Shame

03.07.2011 — 02.10.2011

The new painting project of Vika Begalskaya, Shame, will display more than 30 artworks from the earliest to the most recent ones, arousing confusion and interest at the same time. Naked women – the first part of the project – are uninhabited and free. They shamelessly look down on visitors from canvases, displaying utter indifference…

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Julia Kosulnikova. Barbara’s Tortment

17.04.2011 — 19.06.2011

«Normal sado-maso gothic» that’s how famous russian music critic Artem Troitskiy called Julia Kosulnikova’s art. He was the curator of her first exhibition called «What Goes On In a Young Girl’s Mind?» in 2009. Julia Kosulnikova was born in 1988 in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). She paints with acrylic colours and tempera on canvases of 165×210…

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Oleg Khvostov. Absolute Painting

19.12.2010 — 21.03.2011

Reproduction of “La Gioconda” by Leonardo da Vinci on the wall of rustic cuisine, the countryside “Sauna” of Z. Serebryakova as a reminder of unprecedented forty-degrees heat in summer 2010, an unusual herd of cows around Rublevskoe highway. All this served as inspiration for artist Oleg Khvostov. His new exhibition “Absolute Painting” opened at the end of December in the exhibition centre«Gridchinhall».

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Dmitry Kawarga. Kulik’s Hair

24.04.2010 — 04.07.2010

Creative consciousness of the artist is a very complicated process developing both in time and in space. Its material projection – installation “Kulik’s Hair” has the similar behaviour. For the first twenty meters the object keeps its plastic structure and clarity, a kind of energetic convolution. But with further development it enters gradually to a…

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Pprofessors: Red People. Art-Constructor

30.01.2010 — 28.03.2010

“Red People” is a modular system; by the use of the construction set you can assemble an anthropomorphous unit-person. Such set allows both to manipulate composition elements and to overstep the bounds of art styles and genres. “Red People” is the universal unit, a kind of “virus object”, and due to that it’s applicable almost…

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Dmitry Gutov. Rembrandt’s Drawings

19.09.2009 — 13.12.2010

Dmitry Gutov: “My work with Rembrandt’s drawings in metal has the following prehistory: Not far from where I live in Moscow lies the Kuzminsky forest. In the Soviet era, the inhabitants of nearby five-story apartment houses took hold of small plots in this forest to illegally grow vegetables. To protect their meager harvests, they build…

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