Functioning as a gallery, Gridchinhall is also a countryside art centre, residency for artists and an outdoor space linking art with nature. Gridchinhall is situated nearby Moscow, in a picturesque countryside region. It occupies over 400 square meters of exhibition space in a contemporary style building. Among the represented media are painting, works on paper and installation. Besides an extensive exhibition program, Gridchinhall also holds meetings and open workshops with notable artists and curators.

Svetlana and Sergey Gridchin in their home office

Gridchinhall regularly participates in the Moscow Biennale and the Moscow International Biennale for Young Art. Selected projects by the artists represented by Gridchinhall were nominated for the Kandinsky Prize and Innovation award; won the World Press Photo contest, exhibited at such venues as Documenta, Manifesta 10 and 56th Venice Biennale. Gridchinhall Gallery was founded in 2009.

Gridchinhall is not just an art gallery. We represent and promote artists and sell their works. We also invite them to live and work in our residency space, helping them integrate into the art.

We are frequently visited by art collectors: a number of large international museums have included our art center in their guides as a must see gallery for organized groups. We are highly rated for our space’s unique atmosphere: you have the opportunity to breathe the fresh air of the Russian contryside while enjoying a definitely Europran approach to living and working environments. At our place the distant crow of a cockerel mingles with the chime of church bells while the smell of paint bears witness to the creative process taking place before your eyes. Here people feel at ease with each other and with the artists.



The residence is situated on the second floor of Gridchinhall’s building. Its 120 square meters is divided into working and living areas. The studio has an exit directly onto the roof, with a picturesque view of Dmitrovskoe. Artists come to the Gridchinhall residence for inspiration, to immerse themselves in the local environment, for creative exploration, and to work fruitfully. At the same time, the art residence is an exchange of experiences, cross-cultural cooperation, new acquaintances, and new impressions. The residence has no formal constraints with respect to time: the minimum time spent by artists in Gridchinhall is a week, while the maximum is a year. Many residence periods culminate in exhibitions in the gallery on the first floor. The Gridchinhall art residence welcomes both Russian and foreign artists. 

At Gridchinhall we coexist with art 24 hours a day.

Paintings are exhibited in the exhibition space and on the walls of the Gridchins’ private house; a number of objects grace the garden, the parking area and even the roof.

The owners of this unique home, with art incorporated in its interiors and landscape, have been the subject of interviews by magazines (Vogue, Elle Decoration, Snob, Afisha) internet portals (The Village, Houzz) and TV channels, from NTV (Dachny Otvet) to Dozhd (TVRain).